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lols Sorry, just having a lil bit of fun with making a user site map and static home page.

Anyways, here’s a list of pages to make life a bit easier for everyone 🙂

This page (yes this one your reading right now 😉 ) is a static home page as well as a sitemap just to make things a bit easier for everyone:

Home Page   –   http://marketpowerplugin.com/


Basic Site Overview

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Thingamajigs I Like/Use

Sub-pages of Thingamajigs:

— Personal Thingamajigs

— Reading Thingamajigs

— Collectable Thingamajigs

— Fun Thingamajigs

Pre-order Groove

Sub-pages of Pre-order Groove:

— Doctor Who Pre-Orders

— The Walking Dead Pre-Order 2013

— Yo Gabba Gabba Pre-order May – July 2013

— Laurell K. Hamilton Pre-Order 2013

— Pre-Order Darksiders Gear June 2013

Talk With Us

Sub-page of Talk With Us:

— FTC Disclosure. This is a personal blog



Video Uploads


It also helps in keeping compliant with all Googles algorithm updates.

If you have a website and wondering what I mean head over to

Feed The Bot – http://www.feedthebot.com/

and run your website or a friends and see for yourself what I’m talking about