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Instabuilder Has Launched February 2013

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Brought to you by Internet Marketer and Product Creator Suzanna Theresia. Instabuilder has launched with great anticipation and success! Many adventurous people are happy with the latest WordPress PLugin. This awesome product is for anyone who needs opt-in pages, logo customisation, viral download locking, loads more totally awesome features, is just the tool for budding/budded marketers, businesses and anyone looking to make their web-pages more suitable to increase traffic. Or just trying to get a few extra interested people to sign up for all your latest and greatest information 🙂

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Instabuilder Questions Answered

1. Is this a new theme for WordPress?

Instabuilder is a PLugin not a Theme. So be reassured, you can keep your favourite Theme. 😉

2. Do I need the latest WordPress update for Instabuilder to work?

You need WordPress Version 3.3+ and up to operate this WordPress PLugin.

3. Does Instabuilder conflict with any Themes or PLugins?

Instabuilder has worked with the PLugins we have tested it with so far with no worries. Here are a few:

  • Optimize Press
  • Profits Theme
  • Short-code Deluxe
  • Short-code Ultimate
  • WP Headline

4. Does Instabuilder work with auto-responders?

Yes. It works no worries with all auto-responders. It has worked with all these auto-responders:

  • Aweber
  • Getresponse
  • iContact
  • MailChimp
  • And many more

5. Is there a refund policy?

If our Technical Support cannot solve your issue. You’ll receive either an alternative product or a refund. 😀

6. Where do I go to contact Support?

Please head on over to : and log a ticket so we can help you out.

7. Are there live samples?

Head on over to and take a squiz through the links there. You’ll get to see landing pages and explanations of the settings and what can be done.

Videos YouSay

Why yes. There’s videos for you to peruse 🙂 Here’s one to whet your appetite.

For more videos just click on the word ‘youtube’