Pre-Order Darksiders Gear June 2013

PreOrder Darksiders Gear June 2013

Coming out in June 2013 we’ve got – so far that I’ve found anyway are two nifty Darksiders thingamajigs. There’s a Darksiders 2 Death’s Scythe Full Scale Prop Replica! Looks pretty snazzy. As well as – now everyone who’s already got their other resin statues…. Darksiders II Death and Dust Premier Statue!! Just what we want for our collection we’ve got already ‘eh? Pics and info you say – Here you go…

Click Image For Info. Darksiders 2 Death's Scythe Full Scale Prop Replica

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THAT THERE’S RESTRICTED SHIPPING!! I know totally bites. This item can only ship via: FedEx 2nd Day Air
FedEx Home Delivery
FedEx Ground Commercial.
Otherwise this lovely piece of artwork weighs in at 46Pounds (which is about 20kgs I think) Measures a massive 70-inches (bout 177.8cm) long x 48-inches (bout 121.92cm) high. This is an officially licensed prop replica of Death’s Scythe brought to you by TriForce. Hand-finished and Hand-painted. Death’s trademark weapon as envisioned by artist and creator, Joe Madureira. Plus features working LED light effects!

Click Image For Your Darksiders II Death and Dust Premier Statue

Topping off our collection of Resin Statues – Behold…. Death and Dust! Project TriForce presents; officially licensed statue, masterfully sculpted, hand finished, hand painted, as envisioned by the character artist and creator – Joe Madureira. Intricately crafted and cast in polystone, measures a wopping 32-inches (bout 81.28cm) tall, weighs 20 pounds (bout 9kgs I think) and features working LED light effects!
Standing atop a remarkable blue rock base littered with skulls. Death hunches over his two giant scythes, while his raven companion perches on a skull with an eyeball dangling from its mouth. Swwweeet!!